Facebook birthday etiquette

































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21 Responses to Facebook birthday etiquette

  1. Brilliant! At least u know who your real friends are… The others were probably too afraid to go there! You made them think and that’s not what they’re used to from Facebook… 😉

  2. johnhauge says:

    i stopped going on Facebook a little over a month ago. i feel so much better.

  3. fiestytempest says:

    This is so true, you can always expect people that havent spoken to you in forever to wish you! Happens every year…There’s actually people that have wished me over the years, and that’s been the only time they’ve written on my wall so “wall-to-wall” consists of just happy birthday! haha.

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  5. Slowmoto says:

    Hope you don’t mind, I added your link to my poem about “clicking past,”

  6. beklife says:

    That. Is. Brilliant.

  7. vidadicta says:

    Cool! I’ve always wanted something like this for my FB wall! May I re-post this pic- with link to your page?

  8. iwritemyownstory says:

    Reblogged this on I write my own story. and commented:
    SO TRUE.

  9. Story of my life, to be quite honest.

  10. Sean Morgan says:

    There’s a free fb web app that let’s you pre-schedule happy birthday wall posts so you don’t forget your friends birthdays. It’s called birthdayFB. You can use it at http://birthdayfb.com

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