For a fleeting moment, my Philosophy major almost served a purpose.




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I teach things to people and sometimes draw comics.
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26 Responses to For a fleeting moment, my Philosophy major almost served a purpose.

  1. Erin Roof says:

    If my boyfriend tried that argument to get out of taking out the garbage, pretty much the same thing would happen.

  2. chelseavose says:

    haha makes me want ot go into philisophy

  3. teasome says:

    spot on! 😀

  4. Hehehehe, thanks for your witty work…it was exactly what I needed.

  5. LOL That’s it, I have to follow your blog. These comics made my day!!! 😀

  6. akosigabz says:

    You ARE amazing! 😀

  7. jojopant says:

    I am so loving this blog. I can’t wait to see the mails pour in once i subscribe to this wonderful blog.
    Great going!

  8. Luna Kadampa says:

    I think i’m now going to subscribe too. Who are you?! You are perceptive, funny *and* can draw!!

  9. Definitely she is, is he as well? 🙂

  10. grenier09 says:

    Great stuff, really enjoy the “lighter side of things”. Too bad very few of my high school teachers seemed to share my passion.

  11. Too ‘true’. But I’m not sure Kant had to take out his own garbage.

  12. Rini Biswas says:

    Hahahahaha…a very nice one…fortunately my hubby doesn’t protest much for taking out garbage 😉

  13. Nadia says:

    Hahaha! Owned! I’m a chick, I study Philosophy – it can work! I think I should look more into philosophical aguments for not doing housework 😉

    Cheers from a fellow philosopher and cartoonist.

  14. dorothyanneb says:

    Reblogged this on DA's Ephemera and Etceteras and commented:
    love philosophy…

  15. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the comic!

  16. soul . to . earth says:

    GAD (Garbage avoiding Dude) sounds like an architect! All your sketches make me LMAO [fodder for your next one?]. Look over your shoulder because I’m ‘following’ you.
    Thanks, Matthew, for the laughter! 😀

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