The Most Difficult Question Ever Asked.

I was contemplating the meaning of life when I imagined an even more difficult question:





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I teach things to people and sometimes draw comics.
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26 Responses to The Most Difficult Question Ever Asked.

  1. Brrilliant! Something like a Graphic Haiku Novel!

  2. Going for the sympathy factor; yeah, really the only way out of that one. I especially enjoyed the shape of the x ray!

    In real life, I recommend going with the standard “I really hadn’t thought about it, baby. The only person I find sexy is you.” Then change the subject. If necessary, with an aneurysm. Difficult questions call for difficult medical excuses.

  3. “Nah, babe, she is far too insecure and self-conscious to be attractive to me in any way!”

  4. celebrationcentrenelson says:


  5. My friend’s girlfriend once asked him if he found me attractive. He hesitated before firmly saying no. Foolish man. That hesitation told her I may as well be a Playboy Bunny.

    The moral of the story? Don’t Leave gaps in your lies.

  6. Hahahahaha
    I think the safest answer might be “Oh…I never noticed…”

  7. I’ve actually been there, and before even getting to that question it’s trying to quickly calculate which one of the twins answered the door… was it the one I liked or was it the other one? luckily i ended with a 1.00avg rating.

  8. jojopant says:

    I so agree with Tin Roof Press………….
    great post! loved it.

  9. Russ Nickel says:

    “Wait, YOU’RE Deborah? Our whole marriage has been a lie!”

  10. I LOATHE trick questions like these. It’s not only women who ask them; men do, too. I know that the best course is to not say anything at all, but it’s hard not to be snide/snarky/sarcastic in the face of such a question.

  11. I LOVED the x-ray! That was hilarious. You can always pretend you didn’t hear the question while you try to come up with a response that won’t have you wearing a frying pan on your head.

  12. Jeff says:

    the x-ray is hilarious – that is your first boggleton t-shirt right there

  13. Jennifer says:

    Perfection. Absolute perfection.

  14. Rae says:

    Haha, love the picture of the brain!

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  16. eyeLaugh says:

    lol! so cute!

  17. Theasaurus says:

    Obviously identical twins, otherwise it’d be a no-brainer.

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