Parking Validation

I saw this sign the other day:




About Boggleton Drive

I teach things to people and sometimes draw comics.
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19 Responses to Parking Validation

  1. Throw in a “sweetheart” or “dear” somewhere in there for an added effect. d=

  2. Hahaha, great catch. One wouldn’t want to park illegally!

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  4. snicker. i love his expression. the counter dude

  5. Grant says:

    Cute, but patronizing also means to act as a patron or as a customer. So while you choose to select the condescending definition, it’s not the only one.

    Oh, the joys of the English language.

    • I can’t really tell if this is serious. That was the basis of the joke.

      *edit* if this is meta humour (you patronizing me), well played 🙂

      • danimalist says:

        I think his point was that because your other comics typically call attention to a humorous misuse of words, he was expecting this comic’s aim to be the same (instead of it just being a play on words).

  6. Sometimes you just have to do as you’re asked. Or park on the street.

  7. booksnob says:

    When I was in high school, I made posters for a local radio show and one of their sponsors. The only time I used the word patronize, I felt it necessary to explain parenthetically which definition of the word I meant.

  8. Russ Nickel says:

    I can just picture you standing outside seemingly talking to yourself, when really you’re having a conversation with 7-eleven the store, trying to patronize it but not getting too much of a reaction.

  9. Chilli Ninja says:

    I love how disgruntled the clerk looks.

  10. Very well done. My, you are talented! Great drawing. And all the colours are inside the lines. What a great little blogger you are. Super work. 🙂

  11. DANG it. Now I’m hungry for corn dogs.

  12. I laughed, as usual, but then in my late night musings I wondered why anyone would park at a 7-11 unless they were actually going to go in one. I mean, I never see them next to something I want to visit. I shall ponder this deep thought…

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