My grandfather, the “centurion”?

My grandfather turned one hundred years old yesterday, so my family had a big celebration in his honour.

My step aunt, among others, gave a heartfelt speech. Apparently there are a few things about my grandfather that I never knew:








A very happy birthday to my grandfather, the centenarian!

(not quite a centurion, but impressive nonetheless)




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9 Responses to My grandfather, the “centurion”?

  1. randomsensibility says:

    Ha! LOVE the last slide! And happy birthday to Granddad!

  2. randomsensibility says:

    YOUR granddad, not mine. 😉

  3. phonymahoney says:

    For the record, half of my childhood involved listening to my parents play Cribbage; I still don’t know anything about the game except:

    blah blah blah blah “kitty”
    “Fifteen two, fifteen four, and a pair is six..”
    “Damn it, Irene!”

  4. Piethstop says:

    nice blog and your posts is all funny.
    how can you draw grandpa with all that wrinkles… i loooovvee him…
    happy b’day to grandpa..

  5. qldps says:

    centurion sounds better!

  6. Wow, a hundred years! I can’t even imagine reaching 50, let alone 100. I’m sure your grandad had adventures that can certainly match a centurion’s.

    Anyway, I wish you would update more often. Once a week isn’t enough, especially to someone with the EQ of Cookie Monster.

  7. Smaktakula says:

    The man is a hundred years old. There’s a very good chance he WAS a centurion.

  8. Like Rory!!!! (Warning: Major Whovian freak in close proximity.)

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