A Job Interview



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I teach things to people and sometimes draw comics.
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38 Responses to A Job Interview

  1. too funny! Love it. And Happy New Year!

  2. I heard that they give a really good redundancy pay. d=

    Happy shiny 2012 to you! (=

  3. R.J. Foster says:

    I think I worked on this guy’s resume…and a dozen of his friends. How often, I wonder, have I tried to explain that developing written presentation materials without sharpening personal presentation skills is like putting a pretty cover on a crummy book. People may pick the book up. But if the content is poor, back to the shelf it will go.

    Thanks for another jolly visit Boggleton Drive!

    • I feel the same way, my friend. When people make glaring spoken grammar mistakes without batting an eye, it usually takes me a few seconds for the ringing in my ears to stop.

      You’re quite welcome!

  4. I like ‘irregardless’. Is that even a word?
    Wishing you a happy 2012 with loads of fodder for your blog, Prof. Boggleton. I think, in my opinion there might be possibly a rather high chance that this will not pose a problem.
    PS: If I read ‘Here, here!’ one more time I might just cancel my internet subscription!

    • I’ve heard that it’s one of those words that is becoming descriptively acceptable in English. From what I know, G.W. Bush has used it in speech(es?). The prefix “ir” and the suffix “less” both serve the same purpose, and now we’ve managed to cram a double negative into a single word. It’s almost impressive.

      A very happy 2012 to you, too! 🙂

  5. I so want to work for that company that I want to work for.

  6. Jacob Spire says:

    Would it be redundant if I wrote how funny I find your blog?

  7. And if it doesn’t work out at the Dept of Redundancy, there’s a job for you where I work!!

  8. krismerino says:

    As always, so funny! Have a great 2012 🙂

  9. allenavw says:

    Let me just check this with the Departement of Redundancy Department.

    My uncle used to say that one to me all the time. Awesome comic!

  10. Rae says:

    It took me many years to convince my husband that “irregardless” is not a word. He didn’t believe me until he saw Family Guy do an episode on it.

  11. Theasaurus says:

    I’m off work at the moment with an injury. Want to step in for me temporarily?

    Job description:
    Archaeology fieldwork (shovels, buckets and 4WD provided, BYO insect repellent); and
    Office work (stone artefacts, rusted nails, microscope and toothbrush provided)

    Unless you prefer to stick with your DORD job, of course.

  12. Oooh, I was just reminded of something and had to come back to share it because it’s such a nice fit.
    Maybe it’s just me, but since when has it become acceptable to use phrases like “I too was once a bus driver as well”?! Even hubby uses this construct from time to time, and I am very confused. Please, could you enlighten me?

  13. Your internet blog post online message is both informationally enlightening and also engagingly stimulating. Permit me tentatively to offer my congratulatory commendation for your consideration, if allowed, or if not, irregardless.

  14. Silva Gang says:

    I know it’s becoming more common, but I just cringe when I hear someone use “irregardless.” Such a funny post with the Department of Redundancy Dept. My company has to work with government agencies, and believe me, there are grammar and spelling errors constantly. I think the funniest one I’ve ever seen was on some drawings from the Department of Public Works. They forgot the “l” in their name, and all the headings said “Department of Pubic Works.” It was awesome. We laughed about it for days. 😀

  15. Beth says:

    Remind me to tell you about the worst person I had the pleasure… no, um… distinction, yes, we’ll go with that… the worst person I had the distinction of interviewing. It was, hands down, the best (and shortest) interview imaginable! It actually warranted a call to HR to find out exactly what they were screening for because we couldn’t figure out how on God’s green earth she made it to a room with two supervisors and a list of questions. Had she used “irregardless” that would have been the *least* of my worries! You know it’s questionable when she defines “proactivity” as “replenish” (huh?) and has to “ax” you what the “apple-ication” means when it “axes” if she’s been convicted of a felony… oh dear.

    • Haha.. Where was this? I’ve only ever heard about this kind of pronunciation; I’ve never had the pleasure of actually hearing it in use.

      • Beth says:

        I’m originally from southern California and went to college in South Central. You can experience all the joys of this creative pronunciation in and around Los Angeles. Strangely, the interview was in Irvine which is fairly close to the center of Orange County and in an entirely different demographic area. There was a Lamborghini in my parking structure by which I tried to avoid parking my humble Honda Accord. I’m serious when I say that I have no idea how she made it past the HR screening… not because of her speech, but because I’m pretty sure she has the I.Q. of a ballpoint pen. (If you ever travel to L.A. to experience this unique language and I promise to tell you where the best restaurants are located and how to get there!)

  16. Russ Nickel says:

    Hahaha! What a great twist! I died laughing when I realized he’d heard enough because it was perfect and not because he was so displeased that the guy didn’t stand a chance. Awesome.

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